One of the hardest things about this challenging adventure is having to decline the full English breakfast offered by the B&Bs especially when you can smell it cooking, because we simply can’t pedal with such a full stomach.

After our light breakfast this morning we decided that the brakes should be checked before setting off. The combined weight of the tandem, our panniers and us is 181kg, so when we are whizzing downhill and there may be a tractor around the corner, it’s reassuring to know that your brakes work well!

We set off and rejoined the Camel Trail and rode 13 miles to where it finishes at the beginning of the climb up onto Bodmin Moor. A very wild, remote and beautiful landscape, a bit like the moon but with vegetation! It is hard to imagine that a few miles away is the very busy A30. After riding the inland road to Bude through quiet lanes and farmland, the hustle bustle of Bude itself came as quite a shock!

This evening we sat overlooking the sea and the many surfers on it, while topping up on our fruit and veg intake.

Tomorrow is a rest day (we need it!) so next blog will be Thursday when we will be riding into Devon.

Full English breakfast tomorrow!!

Total distance today 42 miles and total hill climbs 2584ft

Nearing the end of The Camel Trail
Up on Bodmin Moor