We have 30 planned stops in towns along the way. Contact us if you would like updates on our likely arrival times to come and say hello!

Land’s End – departed 6th June 2021

Truro – arrived 6th June, departed 7th June

Wadebridge – arrived 7th June, departed 8th June

Bude – arrived 8th June, departed 10th June

Bideford – arrived 10th June, departed 11th June

Dulverton – arrived 11th June, departed 12th June

Bridgwater – arrived 12th June, departed 14th June

Chew Magna – arrived 14th June, departed 15th June

Berkeley – arrived 15th June, departed 16th June

Tewkesbury – arrived 16th June, departed 18th June

Bewdley – arrived 18th June, departed 19th June

Telford – arrived 19th June, departed 20th June

Nantwich – arrived 20th June, departed 22nd June

Manchester (Sale) – arrived 22nd June, departed 23rd June

Whalley – arrived 23rd June, departed 24th June

Borwick – arrived 24th June, departed 26th June

Newbiggin – arrived 26th June, departed 27th June

Southwaite – arrived 27th June, departed 28th June

Eaglesfield – arrived 28th June, departed 30th June

Abington – arrived 30th June, departed 1st July

Uddingston – arrived 1st July, departed 2nd July

Drymen – arrived 2nd July, departed 4th July

Killin – arrived 4th July, departed 5th July

Pitlochry – arrived 5th July, departed 6th July

Newtonmore – arrived 6th July, departed 8th July

Carrbridge – arrived 8th July, departed 9th July

Dingwall – arrived 9th July, departed 10th July

Lairg – arrived 10th July, departed 12th July

Tongue – arrived 12th July, departed 13th July

Thurso – arrived 13th July, departed 14th July

John O’Groats – arrived 14th July – WE MADE IT!