Up until now we have always felt nervous before every ride, not really knowing how the day’s ride may go. As soon as we got pedalling the nerves would vanish and the sense of freedom would take over. Knowing this was our final ride of this adventure gave us different feelings We were relaxed and had a sense of achievement building within us.

Leaving Thurso we were faced as usual by a bit of a climb!

With encouragement from each other we rode straight up it!

A couple of miles further on the soft, flat landscape gave it the feel of an isolated farming island.

Dunnet Head, Great Britain ‘s most northerly point in the background

Passing more of the upright field boundary flagstones, we were soon to ride through the village of Castletown and information boards there, told us that these Caithness flagstones were produced in Castletown in the 1800’s and exported all over the world. At one time employing more than 500 people.

With only 3 miles left to go we decided to stop………

….. and let this tractor pass as we didn’t want to get squashed so near the end!

Before we knew it we could see the colourful buildings of John o’Groats!

“Are we nearly there yet?” Yes we are!

We rode down the busy road, into the car park and made our way through lots of tourists to the John o’Groats signpost, 39 days (30 riding days) after leaving it’s sister signpost at Land’s End 1,233 miles away via the National Cycle Network.

We really have made it here……..
……..and all 3 of us are still smiling!

We are staying at John o’Groats until Friday and will be doing a summing up blog in the next few days.

Total distance today 22 miles

Total Hill Climbs today 862 ft