Our adventure from Land's End to John O' Groats on a tandem

Author: K

Berkeley to Tewkesbury

With today’s legs fuelled by last night’s “Just Eat” Pizzas delivered to our B&B, we set off in full sunshine and soon entered the village of Slimbridge, well known for its wildlife reserve although most of the ride through the parish took us past farms and farmland. On a sharp bend in a narrow lane we were suddenly confronted with 2 cyclists riding 2 abreast on super lightweight racing bikes. Luckily they avoided us but if they hadn’t our combined weight on Daisy with full panniers would have squashed them!

After that we joined the towpath of The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal (once the world’s widest and deepest canal) and left it at Frampton Green which looked easily big enough to host a cricket match. Immaculately mowed and very green it was indeed!

The route took us right alongside the River Severn which was our first sighting of it, and on into Gloucester dockside where we saw an impressive old lighthouse boat.

Leaving the docks and riding north we had gentle climbs and far reaching views of the Malvern Hills. At around 30 miles into our ride we simply had to stop to admire a truly massive, majestic old oak tree. We roughly measured its circumference at 25-28ft (so if anyone can calculate its age from this then let us know). We rested under it and wondered how many people had done so in the past.

We are now in Tewkesbury for 2 nights as it is a rest day tomorrow.

Total distance today 38.5 miles
Total hill climbs today 872 ft

Gloucester and Sharpness Canal
The Lighthouse Boat “Sula”
It’s hard to believe this giant oak was once an acorn!


Training is going well for our start date of 6th June from Land’s End

Daisy our tandem taking a rest in the countryside